Are brands too preachy? You think they are, but you don’t want them to stop...

Alfie Powell
September 14, 2021

Look I’ll be the first to admit that this is a very confusing headline and sure, I’m not sure I understand it either. Them’s the breaks.

As you probably know now from our incessant probing, we at Dig-In like to ask you a lot of questions that we hope help you in some capacity as, in general, they help us help brands give you things. 

But it’s not all about brands! Oh no; we’re big into our politics and that’s why every now and then we’ll ask you what you think of Boris or Covid or Bovid because we want to know what you think and, again, help you get heard.

This is of course all just a lead up to me rambling on about stats that we acquired from the surveys you took part in and the reason I’m blagging is because I can’t make heads or tails of them.

In general, you students think brands are too preachy. 53% of you agreed on that, and that’s fine. Fair even; I can’t stand being spoken down to by, like, a toothbrush, but the majority of you also want them to carry on being “preachy”.

63% of you expect brands to take a stance on social and political issues and 71% think marketing campaigns should weigh in on cultural movements.

Now of course taking a stance isn’t conducive to being preachy, and I guess we’re all trying to avoid watching Kendall Jenner hand some generic protesters a Pepsi to end racism or something, but where’s the line.

By all accounts, brands taking part in the BLM movement, trans rights and all of the other campaigns to end the injustices in the world is a decidedly good thing and the more the better. By absolutely no means are they preachy, but my reading of this is that we don’t want more Gal Gadots and all of her celebrity friends butchering a song in various different keys from their mansions to tell us to cheer up, no do we want a can of fizzy drink ending societal woes.

At the end of the day, I suppose we’re saying that we want companies to do the right thing. If any brands are reading this, then yes, we want you to be against racism, sexism, homophobia and any other horrible prejudice; I guess we just don’t want to be told that if we all act a little more like you, then everything will be fine.

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