COVID-19: Students fear for their future

Rachael Grundy
September 14, 2021

Our latest study in association with the graduate recruitment specialists Milkround surveyed over 2,500 students and set out to understand how they are feeling about their current studies as well as their future career prospects during these uncertain times.

Students are nervous for their exams

The Coronavirus has turned many students’ lives upside down. From suddenly having to leave university and their friends, to switching to online studying, and still no definitive answer on their end of year exams.

81% of students responded that they would like to see their end of year exams postponed, taking into consideration the fact that they no longer have the same level of access or resources to revise. Interestingly, 75% of students told us they would not like the start of the next academic year delayed and would accept a shorter summer break to get back on campus quicker.

In the meantime, daily tracking performed on the Dig-In app has picked up that there are many students who remain in University accommodation and have been unable to travel home or still rely on the physical resources at University to complete the end of their academic year. Most of these students are International and will remain in University accommodation until they can travel home, where they have been separated from their family and friends.

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Dig-In have also been in constant consultations with our close contacts within the halls of residence who have confirmed they are still running at 20–30% occupancy and have introduced strict guidelines to ensure social distancing measures are kept, including closing all communal areas and encouraging students to isolate within their own flats.

Students fear for their future

Our study also revealed that 75% of students are worried that COVID-19 will impact their future career. Students told us that they worry they will not be able to secure a job after graduation due to fewer jobs being available and increased competition for the same graduate roles. They also fear salaries might be affected and they will have to compromise on the sector they wish to go into.

One student said, “I worry entire industries will be shut down which will then flood other sectors with job seekers and there will be an overwhelming amount of competition as people struggle to survive.”

As well as graduate jobs, internships are another area of concern and seem to be have been negatively affected already. 63% of students who had secured an internship told us COVID-19 has already impacted their position, with 37% being terminated completely, 17% moved online and 17% shortened.

On the bright side, many employers have adapted their practices to allow for virtual interviews and our partners Milkround continue to post open vacancies and advice supporting students through these uncertain times which can be found here .

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