More Students Than Not Are Using Toys In Bed

Alfie Powell
September 14, 2021

The chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re a student who, in some capacity, is contemplating something to do with sex. Maybe about using sex toys? Maybe even about using sex toys in bed with a partner?????

Now, we all know that you went through a lot to get where you are now. You studied hard, you did all of your research and you chose going to a certain uni over, say, getting a job straight out of 6th form for the good of your future and, let’s be honest, to have fun.

The independence that comes along with uni life is a pretty much essential part to growing up and aside from that - I’m sure a lot of you had this in mind - having sex is far easier when you don’t have your parents roaming around in the same building as you.

using toys in bed

With that, Lovehoney asked us to find out a few things about what you lot are into in the bedroom department and it turns out that over half of you get toys involved with your partner.

Ok listen; we’re not stupid and we know that you’re not and at this point you’re probably thinking “oh how convenient - a survey commissioned by a sex toy brand is bigging up the use of sex toys”, and yeah that’s probably reasonable. The thing is though, they just asked us to ask you lot a question, and you lot answered it. There’s no sneaky business going on here.

I’m not going to tell you that sex without a toy is like eating a fondu without a fork (i.e. really messy and painful on account of the molten cheese), because it’s not, but toys can add an extra dimension to your game. Think of it as the cheese that Remy added to his mushroom in Ratatouille; he would have still enjoyed that lightning-cooked mushroom, but now it has cheese on it and that’s better.

A whopping 1404 students answered the question about whether or not they used sex toys and 51% said yes. That’s quite a lot. Granted, the margins are about as fine as they could have been, but a majority’s a majority. Just ask the bloody government, eh? Am I right fellas? Eh? Bunch of clowns! Got’em!!!

There was probably a joke in there somewhere…

Anyway, if you’re sharing a bubble with your loved one, you might be looking to spice it up in some capacity.

Who knows? Maybe there’s a new option in town?

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