The Dig-In Pub Quiz Number 1!

Alfie Powell
December 21, 2021

Alright listen, we all know that during the early pandemic age, everyone was subject to far too many pub quizzes over zoom and companies utilising Facebook Live to shove their question-based f*ckathons down our collective throats. It was a lot.

The tide has turned though. Pub quizzes are no longer the big thing in vogue and they're not this needlessly annoying and repetitive reminder that we're still in lockdown... like sea shanties.

With that, I've decided to knock up a little quiz for you, to take up a minute between going to the fridge and, I don't know... sitting down? There's no charismatic part-time comedian wearing a hat to read these questions out for you, just some relaxing pictures and words. Have a go, probably get a bit frustrated, and then send it to your chums!

How'd you do? Honestly, I took the quiz the day after making it and I got a few wrong. That's good, innit?

There will be more of these, so keep your eyes peeled xoxo

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