Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Dig-In?

Dig-In are a small business with a big idea. The transition to student life is exciting but can be challenging. We work to support students on arrival and through their time at university.

What does Dig-In do for me?

Dig-In will provide you with free samples and will listen to your opinions. We represent students collectively to ensure your voice is heard by those that need to hear it.

What does Dig-In do for my university?

Dig-In provides free Dig-In boxes to over 140 universities and accommodation providers to enrich the welcome service they provide you. We also share your experiences to help them improve the service they provide and work with them in important areas such as mental health policies and sexual consent education.

Can I request my own survey?

Yes! Whether it is to support your studies or purely for fun or for interest, please submit your survey requests to help@digin.co.uk

My code is not working

Sorry to hear that your code isn’t working. Please contact help@digin.co.uk with your name and university details and we can issue you with a new code.

Where can I find the code?

The code is printed inside the golden ticket found inside your Dig-In bag / box.

I put the wrong details in and now I can’t adjust them

Don’t worry! Please contact help@digin.co.uk and we will be able to help.

Have I won anything?

The good news is that this year, we have weekly draws as well as the main Freshers Draw for the big holiday and cash price in November! Watch out for winner announcements on our app, social media channels and by email.

Lost my code/box packaging

Don’t worry! Please contact help@digin.co.uk and we will be able to help.

I didn’t receive anything after activating my Dig-In code

Oh no! We’re sorry to hear that. First of all, check your Junk Folder as sometimes our emails can get filed in there. If not, contact us on help@digin.co.uk with your permission to be added to our mailing list and we’ll get you added straight away.

When is the Giveaway?

The good news is that this year we have a weekly prize draw beginning on Friday 4th September up until Friday 30th November. The prize draws for the individual giveaways will take place on 30th October 2020

I have some concerns about the content of the bag

We aim to maintain the highest ethical standards but we know we can make mistakes. Should you have any strong feelings or concerns, please share them with us.

I am disappointed with the bag contents

Dig-In works hard to persuade big brands to channel their marketing budgets to students, predominantly via sampling activity. Dig-In provides over 400,000 boxes through the Freshers period so it is very much a challenge to source this many samples from a business, be they big or small. We will continue to strive to make the box better and deliver more free samples to your halls throughout the year.

I have dietary concerns

Dig-In wants to deliver boxes of the highest ethical standards with healthy and useful contents. On such a large scale it is hard to provide products that meet everyone’s requirements. Healthy brands tend to have products with a much higher price point and therefore sampling is a very significant investment for them. We promise to keep aiming high and working hard.

Data removal requests

We’re sad that you no longer wish to receive communications from us about free samples and offers, but we understand. Simply email us on help@digin.co.uk and we’ll make sure you’re taken off our database.

Requests for boxes from halls/unions/members of the public

Currently Dig-In provides a box through Freshers period and one in April. Universities, Unions and Halls can all contact us to apply to receive the Dig-In box. Unfortunately we can’t currently provide them to members of the public, but we see the demand and aim to please, so watch this space.

Why did I receive this bag as I didn’t give my info to Dig-In?

The Dig In bag is a free box given out to Freshers students by your University or Accommodation Provider as part of their welcome to you. It’s a great way to start your new life at university and it’s completely free! There is no obligation to use any of the samples or offers inside the box (although why wouldn’t you!) and we will only add you to our mailing list for our regular prize draws, offers and samples if you give us permission to do so – it’s all up to you.

Does Dig-In have a Privacy Policy and what is it?

Yes, we do indeed have a privacy policy which you can find here

What are the Terms and Conditions for the Giveaway?

To read the legal stuff and general rules for this years giveaway please click here