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21 September 2022

Secret Identities are the way forward for students

It's a big if, but if superpowers were a real thing and some of the UK's University students gained them, the majority said that they would keep their identities secret from the world.

it's a cliché that all superheroes have their secret identities, but when you look back at the last million MCU films to come out, I can only think of one who bothered to keep his identity a secret, and that's Spider-Man.

Iron-Man was a celebrity, Captain America was famously Steve Rogers, Thor was just Thor, Bruce Banner was known to be the Hulk, the Winter Soldier and Falcon weren't secrets, neither were the Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, or anyone else. I suppose Daredevil kept his superheroing a secret, but we don't really know how that's going to go down in the MCU in the future.

Over at DC, secret identities are more of a thing, as ripped millionnaire with supercars and rocket planes - Bruce Wayne - keeps ripped superhero with supercars and rocket planes - Batman - firmly at an arms length. Meanwhile, Clark Kent cleverly slips a pair of sunglasses to hide his 7ft self and, while Wonder Woman doesn't make any effort at all, her identity is still a secret to the world, right?

Obviously there are far more superheroes than the twelve or so that I mentioned, but my point is that secret identities aren't actually that prevalent. Nonetheless, we asked the students of the UK whether or not they would bother with keeping their identities secret if they became superheroes, and this was the result...


So keeping a secret identity - or the Batman model, as I call it - is the most popular option, with 46.2% of students choosing that. The Spider-Man model (or telling one or two people) is next, with 37.3% of students choosing that.

Lastly is not keeping a secret identity at all - the Iron-Man system - which has just 16.5% of votes.

On a personal note, I think I would have to go for the Spider-Man method. I'd be far too stressed out having to juggle a superhero life and a social life, constantly coming up with excuses for leaving or not being somewhere in the first place.

Also, I know a few people know Batman's identity by choice, namely Alfred, but I genuinely couldn't think of a single superhero that has a 100% secret identity.

Alfie Powell


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